Harry Hess is coming to Kirtland!!!

By: Ryan Ritossa

Monday, Oct. 14th 1963 at 1:30pm

9252 Chillicothe Road

Kirtland, OH

Background information about Harry Hess

a. Born on May 24, 1906 in New York City
b. August 25, 1969, Woods Hole, Falmouth, MA
c. Proposed the theory of Seafloor Spreading.
d. He was a Geologist and a United States Navy officer in World War II.
e. Considered one of the founding fathers in the theory of tectonic plates.
f. His education was at Princeton and Yale University.
g. He revived the Penrose Medal
h. His theory on Seafloor spreading helped Alfred Wegener and his theory of Continental drift.
i. He was captain of the USS Cape Johnson and it was equip with sonar.
j. Harry Hess was the rank rear admiral in the Navy.

Seafloor spreading is when Hot, Less dense material below earths crust rises tward the surface at the mid ocean range. Magma is forced upward and flows from the cracks it becomes solid and cools to form a new seafloor.

  • Harry Hess proposed his theory in 1960
  • Seafloor spreading happens on mid ocean ranges.
  • Seafloor spreading occurs at divergent plate boundaries.
  • Some seafloor spreading occurs faster than others. it is quite a slow process though.

Agenda For the Assembly

1. We will meet in the gym at the start of advisory.
2. Harry Hess will introduce himself to everyone.
3. He will talk about his life and about the theory of Seafloor spreading.
4. When his is done he will ask for any questions and answer any you may have.
5. When the presentation is over he will be walking around and everyone will be in the gym still. At this time you may take pictures, autographs and ask any additional questions he didn't get to answer.
6. After the assembly it will be the end of the day and you will head home.

I shall consider this paper an essay in geopoetry. In order not to travel any further into the realm of fantasy than is absolutely necessary I shall hold as closely as possibly to a uniformitarian approach; even so, at least one great catastrophe will be required early in the Earth's history.

— Harry Hammond Hess
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Sea Floor Spreading with Bill Nye