TLHub Newsletter

May 2016 Edition


This edition of the TLHub newsletter includes..

  • Resources for your own teaching practice
  • Training course in mastering questioning techniques
  • STaRS communication and reminders
  • Details about joining the Equality and Diversity Celebrations Working Group and the Health and Wellbeing Working Group
  • An update on where we are with lesson observations
  • Learning walk feedback
  • NEW Facebook TLHub page
  • Congratulations to teachers who have completed the Excellence in Observation Training

NEW TLHub Facebook Page

As you know, the Teaching and Learning Hub has it's own Twitter account (follow: @TLHCityCollege) where good practice, articles, photographs etc are shared. There is also now a Facebook page for the Teaching and Learning Hub, where you can follow news about what is happening in TLA in the college and in FE generally. When in Facebook, search 'Teaching and Learning Hub' to find the page - press like to then receive the feed. Let Hayley Ryan know of anything that you think it would be appropriate to post on either the Facebook page or Twitter account.
Click here to be taken to the TLHub CityBit page, where you can find the latest resource booklet to be created for you. This one is focused on 'employability skills' and explains both what we class as these skills and resources/ ideas to help develop these skills in your learners.

Learning Walk #7: Embedding English and Maths

Please click on the pictochart below for details of what was seen on the learning walk.

Next (and final of the academic year) learning walk is in the week beginning 9th May, with a focus on Promoting British Values in TLA.

STaRS Communication

A reminder: please close down student targets that have been completed. There are hundreds that are still 'open' with completion dates that have long since past. We want students to value our target setting processes, so following all targets up in a timely manner will help to ensure this happens.

'Outstanding' Teachers

Congratulations go to Darren Patten (Marine) and Keith Gainor (Engineering) for their lessons being observed as 'outstanding'.

Tutorial Resources

Janna Anderson has added some resources to the 'tutorial' section on the TLHub CityBit page, which you can access by clicking here. Janna has added resources around voting and a range of other resources at the bottom of the page, which you may find useful in your tutorials.
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Training - Week Beginning 23rd May 2016

One of the key areas of improving teaching practice focuses on questioning technique. If you can use this technique well in whole-class teaching then you are able to: assess learning, stretch and challenge learners and differentiate learning. It is a 'super-technique'! There will be a 45 minutes training course on this technique, with Hayley Ryan, repeated at the following times:

Monday 23rd May 2016 - 12-12.45 (TLHub)

Tuesday 24th May 2016 - 12-12.45 (TLHub)

Thursday 26th May 2016 - 4-4.45 (TLHub)

If you would like to attend, please email Hayley stating which session you would like to attend.

Working Groups: E & D Celebrations and Health and Well Being

We have vacancies for staff to join two working groups:

The E&D Celebrations Working Group work to ensure that E&D is well promoted and celebrated across the college, mainly through events. This year we organised the Cultural Celebration Day in March as well as ensuring that E&D ran through the tutorial programme. If you would like to be part of this group (that meet once a term), please let Hayley Ryan know.

Also, we have a new working group: 'Health and Wellbeing'. This group will be looking into how we can promote positive well being to both staff and students through activities such as; promotional months, 'email-free days', mental well being etc. Again, if you would like to be part of this group, please let Hayley know.

Lesson Observation Data

Our current observation analysis data:

Grade 1 14%

Grade 2 62%

Grade 3 19%

Grade 4 4%

Overall: 76% good or better. Our target for the year is 80% good or better.

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