Singapore's Independence

Written by: Yushien

-Feelings of people who went through independence-


They felt disappointed . As many was worried about lost of job and trade deals because Singapore does not have natural resources . Also whether Singapore is able to survive on it own without the help Malaysia.


Many politician like Mr Lee Kuen Yew was disappointed as they had put in a lot effort on the merger of both countries . After lots of hard work ,time and effort put into the merger and it lasted less than 2 years.

My opinion

The citizen felt that was because they were doubting about Singapore's ability to survive on its own. The politician felt that way as all their hard work had put into waste and they did not want to separate .

Problems & Changes

Singapore had poor housing which let to poor hygiene of the area causing to spread

diseases. The housing development board decided build apartments and sold it at a cheap and affordable price. This also helps to remove social problems. They also introduced national service for all males aged 18 .They were required to go for at least 2 and half years.

The problems that Singapore faced is that they had no natural resource to rely on . they wont be able to provide jobs and to help them with their economy. There were also high unemployment .There were no harmony between different race.PAP were having difficulties in developing Singapore identity.