Mrs. C's Quarterly Newsletter

Third Quarter

Language Arts

Guided Reading:

Wow! I have a classroom full of readers!! I have seen tremendous growth in every student this past quarter! It is so fun to hear them read with confidence and fluency. I can see that the children are really starting to enjoy reading by their enthusiasm. Continue to challenge your reader at home and ask them detailed questions about the book when they are finished reading to improve comprehension.


We have been doing a variety of center activities in class. The students do everything from following project directions to reading a map. Their creativity shines through in the writing they are producing in their center work and their teamwork is wonderful!

Writers Workshop:

We have concluded our persuasive writing unit! The kids blew me away with their opinion pieces and the reviews they wrote on everything from restaurants to vacations! I loved that their personalities could shine through in this unit! The growth I saw from the pretest to the final assessment was the most growth I have ever seen in a class! I am so proud of them!

Next up - Realistic Fiction Writing


We have completed the February and March word lists and the students are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work practicing at home!

Words Their Way:

We continue to focus on looking for and finding patterns in words.


We have completed units 5 and 6. We are currently working on unit 7. I have seen lots of growth in the students and they continue to improve in all areas of math. We will be starting math races soon! These are 1 minute timed test in addition and subtraction facts to 20. They love to challenge themselves with math races and play games using their addition and subtraction facts. Practicing with flashcards at home really helps!

Science and Social Studies


We are in the midst of our unit on plants. The kids love to watch the plants grow right in our classroom. We planted wheat seeds, Brassica seeds, alfalfa and rye seeds. The students love to give their grass a hair cut and watch it grow in only a few days time.

Next up - Rocks

Social Studies:

The students really dove into our US symbols and Presidents unit! They were so interested in the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! We had fun exploring both of their lives and the kids were fascinated by the history! We also talked about our country and its symbols. They loved learning all the fun facts! It was neat seeing them get so excited about our nation.

Next Up - Our Changing World

Thank You Corner!

*Thank you to all the parents who helped out with the Valentine’s Party. The kids had a great time

participating in the fun games and decorating the votive holder! They really turned out cute!

*Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to develop film for our memory books. I can’t wait for you to see the memory books! This book really wouldn’t be possible without your generosity!

*Thank you for considering to send in candy for our Easter basket hunt! The kids are super excited!

*Thank you to all the parent helpers who volunteered to send in supplies for projects, cut things out at home, correct homework and bring in library books. I couldn’t do all of these fun activities without your help!

* Thank you for sending in money for all the fun activities we participate in! The Book Fair was a hit!

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