What is a invertebrate

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Crustaceans: This consists of crabs, lobster and other hard shell marine loving animals. They have two different size claws the smaller one is too tear the pray into smaller pieces and the bigger claw to capture their pray. They live in the water and have three body segments. They have two enty that senses their surroundings. They have a hard exoskeleton that protects them from predictors. That every so often they have to shed.

Example: lobster

Arachnids: They have eight legs, book lungs. Most Arthropods have sharp body parts that eject poison into their pray most eat other animals. And they live on land.

Example: spiders, scorpions

Insects: Are animals with six jointed legs and a hard exoskeleton. They get their air from air ducts positioned on the side of their body. Many insects have wings and can fly.

Example: ant, butterfly


Mollusk: Is a animal that has a hard plate in or outside of their body.

Some have tenticals that they use to catch their pray. Others have just one foot that propelles them on land. No bones, soft body. Jet like movement. Octopus have a large brain and is able to skurt ink

Example: octopus



These animals have no exoskeleton but a internal skeleton they also have spines sticking out of their body. They get oxygen fro sea water. They feed of other animals. And they move with rows of tube feet.

Example: star fish

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