Build A Professional Portfolio

Teachers Celebrate Personal Growth and Student Learning

A Professional Portfolio Provides Insight Into You as a Teacher

A portfolio provides an overview of your experience, introduces you as a professional and describes your competencies in relation to the expectations of the profession. In addition a portfolio also presents specific details to make your practice visible, articulates your beliefs about teaching and learning and the values that underpin those beliefs and through your reflections and professional learning plans indicates your vision of your future teaching practice.

First Section of the Portfolio

Includes Professional and Academic Credentials

*Ontario Teacher's Certificate

*Certificate of Qualification from the OCT

*Degrees/Diplomas/Trade Certificates



Organization of the remainder of the Portfolio

The portfolio organization reflects what teachers are expected to know and demonstrate in a teaching interview and in the classroom: ongoing professional learning, planning, assessment and evaluation, classroom management, subject area background, special education needs, inclusionary practices, technology, co-curricular contributions, and leadership and service.

These should be set out to correspond with The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession.

Leadership and Community

*Give examples showing your involvement on a school committee

*Demonstrate your participation in a curriculum forum or on-line discussion of educational issues

Ongoing Professional Learning

Items you could include here:

*Annual Learning Plan

*Notes on a PD workshop you attended

*Workshop/Seminar/Conference certificates