Tiger Mail

7/28/21 1st edition

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August 9th- 6th grade and 9th grade student orientation

August 10th-7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grade student orientation

August 10th-12th grade orientation via zoom 4:30pm

August 11th-FIRST DAY of SCHOOL

Welcome back!

We are so excited to see everyone back on campus! We are looking forward to a new year. There is a lot of exciting news and updates in this newsletter. Please make sure to take a moment to look it over.

*Please note that this information is subject to change. We are following all local and state guidelines. We will share any updates as we receive them.

Student Orientation

Please see this year's plan for Student Orientation. We will have students tour their classrooms and all parents will go to the High School gym to fill out 2021/2022 school paperwork.
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School Supply List

Below is the list for school supplies. This list is specifically for items that will be shared. You can bring these items to the Student Orientation. Please keep all items that your student will need for personal use, with the student to bring to the first day of school. Each teacher will discuss the personal items that they would like the students to bring for their class.

* If your student is going to bring a backpack to school, it must be clear. We will have them on campus to purchase.

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2021-2022 Bell Schedule

This year's bell schedule has several changes. Please note that every Friday, students will be released at 2:15pm. There will not be any after school activities on Fridays.
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2021-2022 Dress Code

Notice to Parents and Students

If a student arrives at school out of uniform or is groomed inappropriately, the student’s parent(s) will be called to bring a change of clothes. The student will not be allowed to attend class until he or she is appropriately dressed. Any class time missed will be counted as an unexcused absence. The school reserves the right to determine and restrict unbecoming styles. Violations of the school’s uniform policy and grooming standards will result in incremental disciplinary action.


School ID:

ID’s: always worn and visible on lanyards

Uniform Top:

All students must wear the Harmony School Uniform Shirt and must be tucked in at all times

Pants / Belts:

Loose fitting navy blue, black or khaki pants with Black or dark blue belt. No Jeans or Cargo-style pants/shorts. NOTE: Jeans may only be worn on Friday’s with a Spirit or College shirt and on Wednesday’s with their uniform top, if they have earned a FREE jeans pass, this will start in September. Jeans must be appropriate, no holes or tight fitting jeans will be allowed.

Shorts (Middle School Only):

Properly fitting navy blue, black or khaki shorts and shorts must be to the knee or longer.


Shoes must be Neutral-colored, closed toes/heels, or athletic shoes. No Sandals, high heels, boots or Croc or shoes with wheels.


Hair and Facial hair must be clean and well-groomed and styled. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.


Necklaces must be tucked into the uniform shirt.

Clip-on jewelry (earrings, nose rings, etc.) is not permitted.

Students may wear only 1 pair of stud earrings; no large dangling or hoop earrings. No facial or body piercing.


V-neck cardigans or vests must be navy, red, or black color.

Jackets/Sweaters: Solid colors (red, white, navy blue, grey, black), unzipped and unbuttoned at all times.

NO HOODIES OR PULLOVERS in the building.

General Solid colored, long sleeve shirt may be worn under the school uniform shirt. No tattoos (permanent or temporary)

No accessories such as sunglasses

No extreme make-up or nail color

No wallet with chains.

Drop off and Pick up map

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Transportation Survey

If you are needing transportation, please take a moment and fill out this survey. We need this information in order to know how many students will need a bus.