Green Revolution and GMOs

By: Lily Signorelli

Green Revolution

  • The main causes that lead to the1943 Bengal Famine were food shortages. These shortages was caused by the low concern by British rulers for food supply because of the distraction of World War II. Another factor was people, mostly indian traders, hoarded food to sell at higher values. This resulted in the development of the Green Revolution.
  • The 3 basic unit of the Green Revolution in India was continued expansion of farming lands; Double-cropping existing farmland; and using seeds with improved genetics.
  • 2 positive results of the Green Revolution in India was an improvement of economic activity in India and transformed India into a global exporter of food.
  • A positive economic result was that idea was able to pay back all loans it had taken from the world bank. A positive sociologic result was that it created many jobs in India. A positive political result washtub the Green Revolution earned admiration.
  • 2 limitation of the Green revolution in India was that India faced very severe drought conditions due to poor agricultural practices and that india did not continue the concept of high-yield value seeds to all crops and regions.

Concerns of the Green Revolution

A human health issue associated with the Green Revolution are that with the overuse of antibiotics on plants and animals can produce antibiotic resistant bacteria which is very dangerous for surrounding populations and the risk of them contracting that bacteria.

An Environmental issues is the overuse of water which can cause very severe droughts which can cause many fields to become infertile an unable to produce food.

Benefits and negatives associated with the use of GMOs


  • Better taste
  • Better quality
  • Disease resistance
  • Higher nutritional value
  • higher yield


  • Damages the environment
  • growth of antibiotic resistance diseases
  • no economic value
  • growth in allergic reactions
  • Can cause emergence of new diseases

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