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Make OAKS More Personal with Replacement Strings

A replacement string is a piece of code that acts like a placeholder. OAKS will auto-fill these placeholders with corresponding information. For example, including the replacement string {FirstName} in the OAKS News widget will auto-fill each student's first name when they access the course. This is a simple but effective way to make an online space feel more welcoming.

This tutorial contains a list of replacement strings you can use in your OAKS courses:

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Copying Content From One OAKS Course To Another

Don't forget you can copy an old OAKS course into a new course so you don't have to rebuild your content from scratch. You can copy the entire course, including grade book settings and calendars, or you can choose specific components to copy.

A tutorial is available on the OAKS blog, or via direct link:

Crosslisting OAKS Courses

Crosslisting allows you to combine two or more OAKS classes into one so that you only have to post material once. This is fantastic for those teaching multiple sections of the same course. IMPORTANT: You need to crosslist BEFORE your students contribute to the course as all student work and grades will be lost during the crosslisting. It is recommended that you crosslist BEFORE you put any content in the course as well.

To request a crosslisting, complete the Request to Crosslist form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

Fake Student

A fake student allows you to take quizzes/tests, submit assignments, and see the gradebook exactly how your students do. You can request a Fake Student by completing the Request a Special User be added to your OAKS course form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

"Un-Grant" Applications Due January 16th

The Tech Happens! Un-Grants™ are small one-time grants intended to assist CofC Faculty with innovative technology purchases for instruction or research that are a little too much money to pay out-of-pocket, but probably too cumbersome to request from your Department. These grants are valued anywhere from $5 to $200.

To access the application and read important stipulations, please click here.

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Voicethread Upgrade December 15th

The Voicethread upgrade brings many new enhancements along with a cleaner interface. If you currently use Voicethread you should have no problems using the upgraded version as everything is similar just with an improved look. Click here to learn more.