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Silver Strand Elementary School December 17, 2018

Spotlights and Reminders

  • We are welcoming the Matsiko World Orphan Choir on Monday morning at 10:15 for an optional assembly for classes to attend; families are welcome to attend as well. Learn about the children and their mission to achieve university educations here: Please see the attached form if you would like to send your child with money to purchase merchandise from the countries represented by the choir members.
  • We are excited for our Holiday Concert, featuring songs from preschoolers through 5th grade and Band and Choir, starting at 10:15 on Wednesday, December 19 in the Strand Hall. We will begin with lower grades and end with upper grades and Band and Choir.
  • Buy your Silver Strand Yearbook for $20 here:
  • This week’s ongoing theme is GENEROSITY: There are SO many ways to be giving and generous, by sharing, by giving our time, help, and attention, and by making or giving gifts to one another. Another form of generosity is forgiving and letting things go--embracing opportunities to NOT argue, bicker, criticize, or blame. Talk to your children about opportunities for generosity within your household and at school and in the community.

Silver Strand Safety and Security Support from Karen Pierro

Driving by the School Bus: Awareness

We appreciate our Strand parents who drive slowly and carefully near our schools, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas. Thank you for that! However, with recent reports in the news, several people have asked about the rules of passing (or not passing) our school buses when they are stopped with lights flashing/arm down. Below is California driver information for when to pass vs. when not to pass a school bus: California Vehicle Code 22454a prohibits a driver from passing a school bus when:

  • The bus is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading any school children and the bus displays flashing red lights and/or a stop signal arm. A “stop signal arm” is defined as a device that is extended outward from the side of a school bus to provide a signal to other motorists not to pass the bus because it has stopped to load or unload passengers.

  • Drivers must remain stopped until the flashing red signals and/or stop signal arm are no longer displayed.

  • If you fail to stop, you may be fined up to $1,000 and your driving privilege could be suspended for 1 year.

The above vehicle code applies to both motorists following a school bus and drivers approaching a school bus from the opposite direction on a two-lane road (such as Leyte/out front of our school).

If the school bus is on the other side of a divided or multilane highway (two or more lanes in each direction), you do not need to stop (example, Palm Ave).

Student Council News

  • It's Holiday Spirit Week! Monday: Holiday Pajamas; Tuesday: Holiday Hat/Head Gear; Wednesday: Dress for Holiday Show (check with teachers for guidance); Thursday: "Deck Your Neck"
  • Our Student Council donated 330 pairs of socks to victims of the recent wildfires! Thank you, Voyagers, for your generosity!

PTO Updates

  • Thank you, PTO for supporting the annual Holiday Shop! Our students had so much fun shopping for their loved ones.
  • Next regular PTO meeting is Thursday, January 10 at 6 PM, location TBD!

Voyager Yearbook

Thank you to our parent volunteers who put our yearbook together!

Calendar of Upcoming School Events


MON 12/17: Spirit Day: Holiday Pajamas

10:15 AM/Strand Hall: Matsiko World Orphan Choir Optional Assembly Performance for students, and families invited:

1PM: Rehearsal for Holiday Concert

TUES 12/18: Spirit Day: Holiday Hats/Head Gear

WED 12/19: Spirit Day: Holiday Concert Wear

10:15 AM/Strand Hall: Voyager Holiday Concert

THUR 12/20: Spirit Day: "Deck Your Neck" Day


NEXT WEEK (in 2019!):

MON 1/7:

TUES 1/8:

WED 1/9:

THUR 1/10: 6 PM PTO Meeting

FRI 1/11: Flagpole


Friday, January 18: No School for Students/Teacher Workday/End of Semester 1
Monday, January 21: No School/ML King Jr. Day

Coronado School Foundation Events and Updates

Did you know that the Coronado Schools Foundation supports the Silver Strand Band, Choir, Science Lab, Visual and Performing Arts Programs, Technology Resource Teacher, Library, and academic support teachers? CSF brings STEAM to Silver Strand Elementary!

Are you amazingly talented and just waiting for your big break? Audition for Coronado’s Got Talent, presented by Alan Kinzel Realty Group and Donna Salof. All type of acts are eligible! Live auditions areJanuary 12 & 13, or email a video of your performance to The live show isFebruary 23 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit Coronado Schools Foundation

Support our programs through donations to CSF here:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Thursday, March 14, 4:30-9PM: CSF Telethon

Coronado SAFE Events and Activities

Coronado SAFE supports healthy families and children through workshops/"coffee talks," school programs, speakers, and counseling.

See for upcoming events.

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