4HA Weekly News

7th March 2014

Dear parents,

What a fantastic week! The Dongdaewon Fair was a huge success, and I know that the children had a great time! They were all very helpful with our photo booth activity (see some photos in the gallery below) and took their responsibilities seriously. I would like to thank Hyun-ah, Joshua's mom, for coming in on the day and being so helpful with our booth. It was tiring, but fun, and such a valuable experience for the children at SFS and the people that the money raised will support. Thanks to all parents for helping the children to prepare for the event, providing opportunities for them to earn their spending money, lending props and accessories, and coming along to the fair. Sham o' grams can still be bought, but Monday 10th March is the last day for the sale of these delicious gifts.

Please remember that there will be no school for students on Friday 14th March, due to the KORCOS conference for teachers. There was no Prince George Award this week, as we decided to combine these two 4-day weeks.

Please let me know if you have had any problems logging on to our Haiku site. This site will increasingly be used for important information, announcements and resources.

Our Studies

Language Arts

Last week, students had the opportunity to share their research presentations with the class. All of the children had worked hard to meet the criteria given on a checklist as they prepared for this. As they presented, the rest of the class evaluated their presentations using a compliment and suggestion form. Thank you to the parents who also evaluated presentations at home. We also did an extended piece of creative writing in class. Each student was given a different stimulus card, from which they wrote an original narrative piece. They were given only 60 minutes to complete this task, and shared their work aloud with the class on Thursday.

Next week, we will look back at the stories written last week and identify word types used (verbs, adjectives, adverbs and different types of nouns). This will help the children to identify how they can improve their own writing. In reading, children will practice comparing and contrasting different texts, and different ideas within a text. We will also have an exciting poetry session with Kenn Nesbitt, and a drama workshop with Ms. Moon.


In Math last week, we learned about making 'like' fractions by looking for common denominators, and identifying equivalent fractions. We used this understanding to begin to add and subtract fractions. Students also showed that they understand what fractions look like, by using fraction circles and colored paper to make visual representations of mixed numbers.

Next week, we will study improper fractions, and learn how to convert these into mixed numbers. The students will have more opportunities to practice calculating with fractions, in order to build on their work from last week.


The children were introduced to heat transfer last week. We discussed conduction, convection and radiation, as ways that heat can be transferred. Next week, children will be given materials to use for a practical investigation, which they will design themselves. The investigation will deepen their understanding of some of the principles discussed last week.