Team Hedwig Update

Michelle Levitt - Ind Designer/Sr Director Origami Owl

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The Winter Collection is Coming Next Week!!

Our new collection was just revealed and it's Ah-mazing!!!! Make sure you check out all the information, the reveals, images, and videos in Origami Owl News! This page will give you everything you need for a successful holiday season!
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O2 for $2

Our O2 for $2 offer has been an amazing deal and we are so excited to welcome so many new designers to our team! Who do you know would benefit from the gift of Origami Owl?

Make sure you reach out to them soon, since the offer ends on 10/18. For more details, read about it in the back office in the FAQ's.


Congratulations to Irene Kendrick for promoting to Leading Designer!


Congratulations to our TOP PV Earners for September!!

  • Tiffany Pellerin
  • Cindy Lopez
  • Lisa Bishop

Welcome New Designers!!

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New Designer Training

Welcome New Designers and Congratulations New Sponsors!!

Did you know, we offer many different ways to help new designers launch a successful business?

  • Weekly New Designer Webinar
  • Facebook Groups for new designers
  • New Designer coaching calls from the nest

Feel free to use all of these resources in addition to your mentor for help. Can't make the New Designer Webinar? No worries, just register and watch it when it's convenient for you.

Origami Owl Facebook Pages

Are you participating in the Designer Page for your rank? These are Corporate run pages, different from our team page!




MEET & GREET page perfect for anyone who is interested in joining O2!

The activities on these pages are a HUGE help to get you working, build momentum, help you develop yourself and others! Maybe you've stepped away from your business for a while. Maybe you're a seasonal seller and are getting ready for the holiday season. PLEASE get on your page!

Team Facebook Page

Please make sure you join our team Facebook page for all the latest news and information.