Icey Barbie

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The reason we came up with the Icey Barbie is because when we were younger there were a lot of different Barbie's but there was never one that skated on ice. Also , I remember when my older brother and I had a hot wheel set that came with a track so we decided to make our Barbie come with a ice skating rink.

What Is The Icey Barbie ?

The " Icey Barbie " is a barbie that also skates on ice. It also comes with a fold-able ice skating that comes with and attachment / solution that creates fake snow. Icey Barbie also comes with multiple outfits and shoes to wear as she skates. To also keep customers happy, she talks to you with the press of a button. She spins, does tricks, and twirls to keep it exciting. It's intended for children in the age group of 6-9 because children would need to be able to understand what's going on.

Recommended Ages

Our toy is recommended ages for the Icey Barbie is in the range of 7+. We recommend this because this is when kids start to actually identify things as what it is not in general. It wouldn't be smart to give a 5 or 6 year old something like this because most children that age wouldn't even know what an ice skater is and then they would think its boring.

Steps Necessary For Manufacturing

First, we would need to pitch our idea out to investors so we could have someone that could promote our toy. Then we are going to market it by making a commercial. Thirdly , we have to find a company to manufacture us, which would most likely be the company who " owns " our product. We would also need to figure out the parts necessary , so we could start get them put them together. Then, we could get them packaged. Finally, we could put them out in stores. On the box it will have a button you can press to show how she talks.

Is It Safe ?

Our toy is safe because it has no sharp objects, has no flammable attachments, and it's plastic so kids won't have to worry about it being heavy or sharp once again. It comes with a solution which is just a dry soapy thing that you mix with water to make fake snow and if you swallow you won't get sick :). Some of the objects are small but that's why we recommend it to be for ages 7+ because they have enough sense not to swallow anything that isn't food.