telly telegraph

samuel's invention

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the invention

the telegraph is a turn of the centry for comucation all around the world.

who invented the telegraph

Samuel Morse had invented it

when was the telegraph invented

in 1774 was the telegraph born.

where was the telegraph invented?

in boston massachusetts was the telegraph born.

what is the telegraph

It is a machine that is used for transmitting messages in the form of electrival impulses, which can be converted into data. In other cases it is made out of metal and wood sometimes steel.

how does the telegraph work ?

It is a communication system that transmitted electric signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message. So no not a phone yet then again never will be becauses, that will some be made from someone else not from the telegraph all though you would think so but no i'm sorry it's not.

impact on american society before the telephone.

At first, the telegraph messages were transmitted by trained code users, but in 1914 a form of an auntomatic transmission was developed. This made the message transmission much faster. At the turn of the 20th centr, all long- distance communication depenaed heavily on the telegraph.

impact on american society now

No we don't use it anymore because we have found other ways to conmunicate now than before. Or in other cases we have found radios, t.v.s, phones. So there would not be no need for the telegraph nowthan before