Benefits of GMOs

Reasons why GMOs are good for people


With Bioengineering of crops there are higher yields and the crop is more likely to survive based on the way the engineer changed it. For instance, since many farmers now use herbicide and other weed killers, they also pose a risk for the plants they are trying to protect, so they get a GMO so that it is resistant to that herbicide.
Also, Bioengineering can make certain plants that would otherwise die in certain climates, more resistant to them. The bioengineers can give a plant a gene so that if there were an extreme frost, or survive a drought, and live through a plague. This, in all has improved the harvests of many crops, including an 5-8% increase in yield for soybeans and cotton because of genetic modifications.

Tough Cookies indeed

Plants that are GMOs can be stronger in general to pests so that a farmer might not need to use as much insecticide and pesticide as before. This helps the environment, since when a farmer uses those pesticides and insecticides, they get into water and soil, but not as much, or if they were engineered so well, at all and save soil and water from pesticides and insecticides.

As always, evolution has a part...

Evolution is important in this, because, when an organism evolves, it changes its genetic code to best fit its ability to survive. That is what bioengineers are doing, rapidly evolving the crops to be best suited for the environments and stresses that the farmers will put them under. This is a perfectly natural occurrence sped up, like thousands of years of cultivating and further domesticating a plant, but speeding up time.

Overpopulation might not be that big of a problem

With the higher yields from the GMOs, overpopulation is not a problem. People would have been able, and might today, to plant crops in barren lands, eventually terraforming that wasteland. That means that there would be more people to distribute across this rock, and more land devoted to agriculture.

Just some pics about GMOs