Anti-Reconstruction 101

by Abby Kancel- History 4th period

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2 Reasons Texans Hated Carpetbaggers

Carpetbaggers (scalawags) were hated by Texas because #1 they were against slave labor and #2 were giving Texans new ideas for farming which farmers didn't want to farm they wanted there slaves to farm for them.

2 Reasons Texans Hated Reconstruction

Reconstruction was hated by Texans because #1 reconstruction freed slaves to be freedman and #2 many of the amendments made during the reconstruction period Texans did not like.

Do I Support the Redeemers and Democrats?

I actually do not like the Redeemers/Democrats myself because I personally don't like African Americans (or any other races) being slaves because thats not fair to them for just having a different skin color than the rest of people that are not slaves. God made different races and skin colors for reasons and I bet you God doesn't want un-equality, God wants there to be peace and equality.