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Does your vision for your life match up with the results that you are experiencing?

I am hosting a God-centered workshop where we take an introspective look at our lives and discover the things that we may be unaware of--the things that hide in our blind spots. New perspectives lead to deeper connections and more meaningful and authentic relationship with God and with others. In this small group, we will discover a new lens for viewing life through discussion, scripture, one-on-one exercises, and music.


Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 10am-2pm

Stacy's house, 7 Sundown Pkwy. 78746


Spiritual disciplines and the unhurried life

Discussion on transforming our relationships

The Idols that Govern our Behavior


Taking a stand for something

Looking at your vision through a new set of lenses



Email to secure your spot.

Whats included in my experience?

Cost $125.00 (Check or cash)


3.5 hour workshop


Altitude on your life


Stacy Smoot if you have questions


"She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

Stacy's Bio

My focus is helping women identify their blind spots. I am a life coach for women and lead workshops that offer women an aerial view on their lives, specifically their life goals and connectedness in their relationships, with God at the center. I became fascinated with human behavior in 1997 and pursued a master's degree in human relations. Then, in 2009 I learned about Reinvent Ministries and began studying under Ennio Salucci, international trainer/author and Kris Kile. I have completed more than 300 hours of their trainings that include IMPACT, Explore Reality, the Art of Marriage and the Academy of Reinvention--the trainer's certification.
My workshops are Living Your Best Life--Discovering what's In our blind spots and
Living Your Bet Life, discovering our personality type--How does it serve us and how it get in our way.