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A weekly review

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January 11-15, 2016

Here is what's been happening in our classroom this week and where we are headed next week:


  • This week we have wrapped up our geometry unit by learning more abut fractions. We played hands-on games with pizza fraction puzzles, explored the concept of equal shares (halves, thirds, fourths) in our math journals, and created fraction snowmen. Additionally, we have taken both the geometry post-test and the measurement pre-test and have been touching on telling time and addition strategies before we get into the new unit next week.

Word Work

  • Students received a new set of words last week and have continued learning the spelling patterns of those in our word stations (regular sorts, blind sorts, spelling city, choose and dos, and small group with myself). We tested on Friday and will have a new set of words for the next week.


  • Resolutions has been the theme of the week for our writing projects. Students came up with 4 different things they wanted to accomplish in the new year during a pre-write, then expanded on these ideas in their first draft, and most students are in the process of editing their work and completing their final drafts.


  • With the colder weather, please make sure you're child is prepared with warm clothing/coats/hats/gloves if need be. We received a weather chart that let's us know on a red/yellow/green scale how safe it is to go outside. If the weather is in the green or yellow zone we will be out there.
  • Ms. Campo, one of the school TA's has been helping us out quite a lot since November and was recently approved to be just in 2nd grade (woohoo!). She has fit into our second grade team wonderfully and is awesome with the kids! This week was our "Test-er" week for her schedule. Thursday is our half day with her in the classroom and I'll be making plenty of plans for her to have as much interaction in small groups with our class as possible. Additionally, we have switched our recess schedule around because of this so it now looks like: Mondays=field, Tuesdays=Basketball Court, Wednesday=Playground, Thursday=Classroom PE, Friday=Field


  • In addition to our normal mini lessons and read aloud, we have been focusing on stations during our reading block. Students have been rotating through independent reading with a written task, iReady, writing, and working on their nonfiction folder projects. Reading 3D and iReady testing will continue into next week.

No school Monday or Tuesday this week

Miscellaneous Information

-Monday (18th) and Tuesday (19th) are no school days due to holiday and teacher work day

-Nutcracker Performance: I'm sure most of you have heard by now that students are performing a presentation of the Nutcracker in music class. They have been working very hard to perfect their blocking and performance skills and are very excited. Next music rotation (day 6) is their performance. Due to the space constraints of performing in the music room, parents are not able to come in unfortunately. However, students will be performing it for Ms. Abernathy's first grade class, and myself or Ms. Ortiz will be attempting to film it. If that works out, it is my goal to send that to you all :)


Monday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Media

Friday - Art