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Human impact on water and land

Land and Water HEI

Land pollution is disposing trash, waste, and chemicals into land and soil. The land pollution can be dangerous for not only the soil but the surrounding waters.

Water is being polluted by runoff from the land. Sediments flow out from the land while large amounts of erosion carry with it many of the pollutants and fertilizers from the farms. This damages underwater ecosystems and limits sanitary water.

The Great Barrier Reef

Land pollution has a major effect on The Great Barrier Reefs. Human pollution includes fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, human derived sewage, and large amounts of sedimentation from costal land development. Runoff carries land pollution into the waters damaging the reef's ecosystems and polluting the water. Human based pollution needs to be stopped or reduced significantly if we wish to save this fragile ecosystem.


What is human environment interaction?

What impact does human environment interaction have on The Great Barrier Reefs?