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20 November 2020


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While locally in Spain Children's Day is celebrated on April 15th, we also acknowledge and celebrate World Children's Day with our international counterparts on 20th November.

To help us understand more about World Children's Day, read below a short piece by our very own Peer Counselor and Newsletter Contributor Sakura as she briefly outlines below the historical significance of this day.

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The date 20 November marks the day in which the UNITED NATIONS Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child AND the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • First established in 1954

  • World Children's Day is celebrated to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improve children's welfare.

  • This day could be the beginning of anyone to be able to advocate, promote, and celebrate the rights of children, and advocate for building a better world for children all over the world. Children and also adults can raise awareness of many of the challenges and problems occurring all around the world.

  • This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a "child rights crisis".


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Dear Students,

Along this journey called life you may encounter individuals who may challenge the very values we hold very near and dear to us. Some may question the importance of having character and may wonder if being a good person really matters.

Have you every found yourself questioning your basic core values because public figures seem to get away with anything and are rewarded or even revered for their poor behavior? If these thoughts ever creep into your consciousness, remember to go back to your center - your center of awareness, where your core values reside. Values such as RESPECT, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY, KINDNESS, INTEGRITY among many others.

Our center is basically what keeps us grounded, stable, balanced, level headed and motivated to be better human beings. Our center is exactly what is being explored during each of our Advisory lessons through a variety of activities. In the last two weeks you worked on your personal inventories in pairs and as a small group. You also delved deeper in small groups working with the wisdom conveyed in different quotes and creating "Quote Art". Seniors worked on the legacy they would like to leave behind after graduation, and why that really matters.

All over the school in your different classrooms and spaces we saw displays of your work which is the result of your bonding, communicating and sharing. This Newsletter highlights how you expressed yourselves all over the school. Don't underestimate this powerful process because this is what builds your character, nourishes your values and nurtures your well-being.

Cherish your advisory sessions and participate in them fully. Remember whatever you bring to the table will not only benefit you but also others around you in your school, home and social environment.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

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Advisory & Personal Inventory

This lesson came from the CBK Advisory Curriculum and it's called "PERSONAL INVENTORY".

The focus of this Advisory is based on two students interviewing each other to find out their partner's interests, abilities, and talents. In the process, students practice self-awareness, as they take stock of their own attributes, and reciprocity, as they appreciate what others bring to the table, recognizing every person is a person of value. They create a combined list of interests and abilities that can become a collective resource for the group. And they nourish a set of skills essential to successful learning: active listening, asking questions, and taking notes.

The objectives of this class was:

  1. To develop self-awareness of one's interests, abilities, and talents.
  2. To reinforce skills of active listening, asking questions, and taking notes.
  3. To introduce the concept of reciprocity.

The key skills students learn in this activity are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Ask questions to learn about others
  • Active listening
  • Appreciate the value of pooling resources

See below a short clip of Mr. Foinquinos' Grade 10 Advisory class.

Personal Inventory Advisory Session

"Advisory gives students a much-needed break from routine school life and empowers them to obtain a sense of awareness of their emotions as they navigate their increasingly complex social and academic lives."

- Eric Foinquinos - Grade 10 Advisor

Upper School Social Studies and Arts Teacher


Ms. Eva Fernandez's Grade 10 class came up with their own Class Inventory:

See Below
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Mr. Todd Hainlines' Grade 10 class also worked on their Class Inventory:

See Below

Mr. Alexander Lyvers' Grade 9 class delved more into their "Quote Art":

See Below how 4 groups expressed in drawing their powerful quote.

1. Upper Left: "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get you the right ones." - John Lennon, musician

2. Lower Left: "The most fulfilled people are those who get up every morning and stand for something larger than themselves." - Wilma Mankiller, first woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation

3. Upper Right: "If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything." - Marva N. Collins, educator

4. Lower Right: "Don't count the days, make the days count." - Muhammed Ali, professional boxer

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"The activity allowed students to exercise their abilities to evaluate and determine what is truly meaningful to them. Students hopefully had an emotional connection to an expression, but then they had to communicate why they chose it. My favorite part was when as a class we came to a consensus on the 4 most important quotes, since we had 4 pieces of poster paper. I also appreciated that students could visualize what the quote meant to them while being able to chill and connect with their friends."

- Alexander Lyvers - Grade 9 Advisor

Upper School Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Umut Gursel's Grade 9 class worked on "Quote Art"

See Below

Ms. Katrina Dodds' Grade 9 class also worked on "Quote Art" as well as constructed their Master Inventory:

See Below


Ms. Eleanor Hobbs Grade 12 Class worked on how they will leave their legacy:

See Below
Here Students discuss how a legacy can take many forms. Legacy as Art, Initiative or Gift.

Step - 4: Students discuss how a legacy can take many forms. Legacy as Art, Initiative or Gift.

To illustrate this, a simple chart is created on the board, then students come up to fill in any ideas that come to mind.

This lesson came from the CBK Advisory Curriculum for Seniors entitled LEAVING A LEGACY

The seniors will continue to look at how they will leave a footprint as they graduate. They spent some time reflecting on how to create a meaningful legacy - one that benefit's the school and reflects their own values. In this Advisory they began by considering what makes a legacy meaningful, why it matters and what it has to do with them.

The objectives of this lesson was:

  1. To explore the concept of legacy.
  2. To consider what the concept of legacy means to others.
  3. To come together as a class to create a legacy that reflects their values and ideas as seniors.
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Student Feedback

What Other Advisors Are Saying

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A Mind Map is a simple graphical way to represent ideas and concepts and is popularly used to succeed at school.

Here are examples of ways students use mind mapping at school:

  • Learning languages
  • Learning grammar
  • Preparing for examinations
  • Preparing a structure for writing essays
  • Preparing presentations
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Solving problems
  • Thinking creatively, and critically about topics
  • Memorizing subject notes, books, and materials
  • For general study and revision of information

Try this study method for at least one week and let us know how it is helping you!

A Mind Mapping Approach To Your Sketchnotes

Get your own copy of a digital "Mind Map" graphic organizer. You will be prompted to click on "make a copy" that you can rename every time you want to use this method to study or revise a different topic. You can add to it, change it up or print it.

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In this newsletter edition we are looking at what is a Sociologist and different careers that fall under a Major in Sociology

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Click on the green button above to watch a video giving details about careers in sociology as well as the varying qualifications needed in that field.

Careers that can fall under a major in Sociology

See Below
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Please Watch A Conversation Below With A Sociologist

Dr. Janis Prince describes why she became a Sociologist

Why I Became a Sociologist: 5 Questions for Dr. Janis Prince
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This Book Recommendation section was written by Peer Counselor and Newsletter Contributor Sakura

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The title of the book is "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

  • A classic book, published in 1937

  • A story is about two ranch workers who migrate frequently within California.

  • The reader cannot help but grow a liking towards Lennie, a simple yet caring man who relies on George, his companion, to lead him and tell him what to do.

  • The book delves into the meaning of friendship, loneliness, hopeless dreams through Lennie and George's experiences.

  • The ending will make you cry, but also feel many conflicting emotions- the ending is extremely heartbreaking!

  • It is rather short compared to other classic stories and is a fun and entertaining read.

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#voicesofyouth: Are you an artist? Do you want to change the world? If so, send in artwork before November 20th any year to have the chance of being highlighted on UNICEF's channels and Voices of Youth Instagram!

World Children's Day in other cultures:

In Pakistan: Fun festivals and events are organized for children by various organizations schools to ensure that Children’s Day is a memorable day.

In Japan: Japan celebrates Children's Day (Kodomo no hi) on May 5th, to celebrate children and to express gratitude for their mothers. In Japan, Children's day is celebrated on two days, March 3rd for the girls and March 5th for the boys.

In Mexico: On April 30th, teachers in schools organize activities for children, while some schools also suspend classes. Many have a day out with their family to celebrate.

In Poland: On June 1st, Children's Day is often treated as a special day where schools and parks hold festivals to celebrate.

by Sakura

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For more info on #voicesofyouth click on the green button above

As we end this Newsletter, let's reflect on the privileges that you have as children, young people and students in this part of the world compared to what children are going through in other places.

The Realization of Children’s Rights Index (RCRI) is a grade between 0 and 10 that shows the level of realization of Children’s Rights in a country.

  • The lower the RCRI is, the lower the realization of Children’s Rights in the country.
  • The higher the RCRI is, the more Children’s Rights in the country are real and respected.

Download the map below to see the RCRI around the world in 2018.


List of common sources used for the above map:

1. World Bank country data
2. UNICEF country information
3. UNICEF Situation analysis
4. Country Ministry of Health Information
5. UNDP country profiles


Click play to listen to the short conversation below

This brief Conversation Highlights the Importance of World Children's Day & the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


World Childrens Day Leanne Mclean by ultra106.5fm


Thanks for coming to the end of our second Upper School Counseling & Advisory monthly Newsletter. Please send us your feedback and ideas here on topics to cover in future editions.

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