Tuesday Tech Tips

Edutopia- Tweak the 'Tech in Your Teaching'

Featured Site: Edutopia-Chocked FULL of Resources, Ideas & Tips for Tech Integtration

Edutopia was one of the first online sites that I found that had a comprehensive approach to helping educators stay abreast of the latest research-based practices as well as introducing cutting-edge shifts in how schools/classrooms are structured. From blogs to best practices, from videos to virtual learning, Edutopia offers a wealth of info & insight. In this week's 'Tech Tips', we'll look how Eductopia can be a great source for teachers in all areas, at all levels of tech integration.

Edutopia-Not Just Another Thing to Look At-Make it THE Go-To Site!

  • Edutopia does not have to be just another 'thing to do', or a jumble of confusing 'where do I begin?' frustrations...Check out these resources that are readily available-ready-made videos to help you engage & motivate your 21C students, while helping you 'ease' into rethinking how learning/instruction can be even more effective! Check out these two!
  • Shmoop: From online test prep, to lessons to coursework, Schmoop offers educators a multitude of resources that will help you integrate more meaningful tech into the great lessons you already have...
  • Next Vista for Learning: Here you'll find free videos for many subjects-great way to either introduce a topic, go for a quick review, use as a 'flipped' learning opportunity, have students write reviews, summarize, etc.

Dee Moylan, FHMS Growing 'Tekxpert'!

As we forge ahead into the latest trends in teaching, with technology integration being 'front & center', please let me know how I can assist you with planning/or trouble shooting...
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