Weekly RoaR

Week ending September 17, 2016

Events to know...

Sept. 21

Tech Talk with Mrs. Bodmann, afterschool in the library

Sept. 23

Consultant on Campus: Teddi (see schedule below)

Fire Drill, 7:50 AM *Time change*

Sept. 26

Catalog sales end

Sept. 28

Spirit Night: Chili's

Sept. 30

DinoBeat, 3-4 Recognitions

Building Additions

Staff Shout Out Board

In the lounge, we have finally completed the Staff Shout Out board. When you want to recognize someone for being awesome, grab a sticky and give them a shout out! We love reading about things that we do not get the opportunity to see.

Giant Frame in the Hall

Last year, when we discussed how we wanted our school to look and feel, one prominent theme was to decorate more down the main hall. We would like to have different grade levels sign up to decorate this framed space throughout the year. Each grade level should sign up for one month, and we'll need a couple grade levels to take two months.

Sign up HERE!

Fire Drill

On Friday, we will have our first fire drill of the year. Please go over expectations with your students.

C - Conversation level zero

H - Raise hand to get your teacher's attention

A - Getting out of the building to a safe location

M - Stay in line. Hands to self. Looking at teacher to see/hear next direction.

P - All students will watch and listen.

s - Everyone is safe and out of the building!

Please view the EOP for fires. A printed copy is in your box, and a digital copy can be found via the link below.

Mapping Your Future

This year, the Wylie Way committee decided to make "Mapping Your Future" a year-long study. Each Monday, the district would like classroom ELAR/SS teachers to share the weekly videos (embedded in document below). After the video, you can lead a discussion about the career to answer any questions they may have. Then, you choose how you want them to process the information. Draw a picture, write down what they learned, answer a prompt, etc. See document for ideas.

Our expectation is for this to take no more than 10 to 15 minutes each week. The videos look to be about 2-4 minutes long. We will give each 2-4 ELAR teacher enough file folders for his/her students. Students can decorate them next week...or when you have time... and keep their writings/drawings/reflections about the different careers inside. K-1, we think conversation and watching the video is most age appropriate, but if you would like folders, we have them!

Please let Dawn or I know if you have any questions. :)

After School PD

If you have not had an opportunity to check out the Smore from Lee, here it is again. :)


Distinctions were released this past week. We received one distinction in Math Achievement! Woohoo! This means that we were in the top quarter of campuses in the state who are demographically similar to us. We were very close in two other categories: Closing Performance Gaps and Student Growth; we were at the top of the 2nd quartiles.

Below is a congratulatory letter from Mr. Montgomery at WHS. Such a nice guy.

Consultation Schedule with Teddi

ELAR Teachers, please look at the schedule for Teddi's consultation day. I will get a coverage schedule done by Monday. This schedule is for next Friday, Sept. 23.