Hall Behavior

How to behave in the Hall

How to Stop Bullying in the Hall

If you see bullying in the hall, contact the nearest teacher available immediately if the conflict escalates.

Every Day you should try to Prevent Bullying

If you see a bullying situation you should not just stand there and watch it happen. You should take action and try to stop the situation before it gets worse. If you see a kid picking on another kid, you should be a Super Bystander and stop the situation.

These are some pictures of bullying and ways to prevent it

Why do people bully?

1)People bully for power over you and your friends.

2)Most poeple that bully are insecure about themselves.

3)Bullies also bully because they are lonely.

Work with each other to stop bullying for good

We can stop bullying if we:

1)Buddy up with each other to protect everyone and ourselves.

2)Always tell a teacher even if you suspect bullying.

3)Last, make prevention signs to put up in the school halls.