This Is Me

I am a student with Cerebral Palsy

Who am I?


My name is Julia, I am 12 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy (CP). When I was born the cord was wrapped around my neck and my brain was deprived of oxygen for some time. This caused me to have Cerebral Palsy. I have a lot of muscle tension and have trouble controlling my movements. I use a wheel chair to get around and have only some gross motor functions. I am only able to hold a pen or pencil with support and I use a voice output system to communicate. Although I have a lot of physical limitations I am very smart and am learning the same things as my peers.

What You Need to Know About Me

- I have a voice and I want to be heard

- I like to be around me peers

- I love animals

- I can make sounds and noises but have trouble articulating words. I use a Dynavox, voice output system to communicate. I type what I want to say and the Dynavox says it for me

- I understand what is being said to me it just takes me some time to respond, please be patient

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My Needs

- I need help taking notes in the classroom

- I also may need assistance getting around the room as sometimes things can be crowded and in my way

- I need help with personal care when at school and sometimes needs help eating my snacks and lunch

- I need help getting dressed for recess and pack/unpacked at the beginning and end of the day

- Sometimes I need help making informed choices

My Strengths

- I can read and with assistance I can form ideas and write sentences

- I am good at working with my peers when they slow down and listen to my thoughts

- I thrive in an inclusive classroom

- I am able to share my thoughts and ideas with my Dynavox

- I am really funny and enjoy humor

Most Importantly

- I am still just a kid

- I want to live, laugh and love just like everyone else

- I want to be included

- Take time to communicate with me and please be PATIENT

- If you dont understand something I say or have a question ASK!

- I may not look like you, act like you or speak like you but in all the important ways I am just like you!