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Newsletter Volume 1 - August 22-26, 2022

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What Is Story Time?

We are so glad you asked! Story Time is YOUR time with your pre-school child or children. Located in our parenting centers and led by a parenting liaison, Story Time is offered both in-person and virtually. Story Times include reading, a craft, movement and an opportunity to check out fun and engaging books and activities to use at home.

Story Times are held Tuesdays - Fridays and the schedule and sign-up are listed in our weekly newsletters. Each parenting center focuses on literacy; we want to help you encourage a love for reading at home.

Story Times will begin the week of August 29 at the Eagle Nest, Spann and Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary Schools. All five centers will offer Story Time beginning the week of September 6.

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Rest for Success

When I was younger, there was a popular book called, Dress for Success. The basic premise was that how you dress helped determine success in the classroom or in the workplace.

In school, while personal presentation is important, it might be more important to make sure our children REST for success.

Packing lunches, laying out clothing, preparing bookbags and leaving them next to the door, are all ways to help get your children out to the bus stop or into the car without stress. In addition, a bedtime and morning routine are important to your children’s academic success.

Since we cannot really “catch up” on sleep, getting enough rest each weekday night will help your children focus and concentrate during the school day.

As you and your children are doing their back-to-school clothing shopping, remember, resting for success is as important as dressing for success!

Happy Learning (and Resting)!

Parent and Family Engagement Center Liaisons

Top left to right:

Mrs. Ellen (Joseph R. Pye Elementary School), Mrs. Dawn (Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School), Mrs. Elise (Knightsville Elementary School)

Bottom left to right:

Mrs. Christina (Spann Elementary School), Mrs. Lori (Eagle Nest Elementary School

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How to Contact the Parent and Family Engagement Center Liaisons

Eagle Nest Elementary School

Liaison: Lori Hamilton


Joseph R. Pye Elementary School

Liaison: Ellen Townsend


Knightsville Elementary School

Liaison: Elise Boehler

Spann Elementary School

Liaison: Christina Sadler


Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School

Liaison: Dawn Mendenhall

Phone: 843-760-9820

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