March 14, 2014


bringing literature to life!

March marks our bringing literature to life month at ISP. This week we celebrated with a pod assembly, a parade, a visit by a mystery reader, and by reading with 4th graders. We will continue to honor literature all month and encourage you to do the same at home by reading and talking about books often with your child.


Separately, in literacy this week we focused on cause and effect in our reading and writing. For example, Cause: Santi's shoelaces were untied. Effect: he tripped and spilled his lunch. We also talked about some key words that help us identify cause and effect especially because and so. Emma brought an umbrella to school because it was raining.

We also revisited verbs, this time looking at the endings that help identify is something is happening now (-ing) or if it happened in the past (-ed). Many of the students still display difficulty focusing on endings in their reading so I believe this will help.


We were introduced to the quarter in math this week and have begun adding large amounts of coins. You can enrich this idea at home by having your child help count loose change at home or out and about.

We took a closer look at telling time this week. The students began reading a digital clock and transferring that to an analog clock. To do this we learned that each hour around the clock represents 5 minutes so to tell the minutes we simply count by 5s. For example, an analog clock that has the hour hand pointing to the 3 and the minute hand pointing to the 7 does not mean the time is 3:7, instead it is 3:35.

We will have our unit 6 assessment on Monday and begin unit 7 next Tuesday.


We began learning about the 4 seasons to begin our weather unit this week. We looked closely at spring and winter. We learned that in winter, when it's cold, people wear many clothes to keep them warm and we talked about activities like building snowmen, ice skating, sledding, and skiing. In spring we noticed that plants start to grow and snow melts. Some animals wake up from hibernation in the spring and umbrellas and rain boots come in handy!

Next week we will focus on the seasons fall and summer and begin to look at severe weather, specifically floods and blizzards.


MAP testing begins Monday, March 28th.

March 28th also marks the end of quarter 3.