What causes tsunamis

Tsunamis are a series of waves that can travel between 450-600 mph in the open ocean. And they are ocean waves produced by earthquakes,volcanic eruptions,meteorite impact,or underwater landslides.
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What it the main features of the tsunamis event.

The effects of wind-driven ocean waves are seen only near the surface of the ocean. ... In the two years after the event of 26 December 2004 the Pacific Tsunami ...
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Wha is the negative impacts of the tsunamis on ecosystem.

Coastal ecosystems can act as a buffer against tsunamis. It also caused widespread destruction of ecological habitats with lasting effect on the populations of ...
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What is the positive impact of the tsunamis on ecosystem.

Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami ... Environmental impacts and risks ... leading to health impacts for the population;; Coastal ecosystems: Coastal ...

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How to ability to predict the tsunamis ahead of time would be beneficial to people and the environment.

Space Station Captures storms that are close to Japan so they can give storm alerts to people in Japan to get out of there so save most of there stuff from tsunamis.
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