By: Lexi Guerra and Shawn Hacker

All About Floods

A flood is an overflowing, large amount of water beyond where water usually is, and floods over what is normally dry land. Flooding effects people and their enviroment. People can lose their homes,jobs,family members and also of course the place where they live. Floods can cause a lot of destruction in an environment. Sewage is very common in a flooded area. The water can carry toxic materials and other different types of pollution, and pollute lakes and rivers.

An eco-region that could be affected by a flood is the High plains. Weathering,erosion,and deposistion is occuring, when a body of water is sweeping through. A flood can weather away rock by seaping through the cracks of a rock. Eroison can happen by the flood eroding away the land and all of its landforms. Depostion occurs when the water flows through land and picks up loose sediment. Although floods can cause damage, there are some benefical effects. One positive effect is that if a particular city is in a drought, the flood could refill the lakes. A country like Bangladesh depends on ground water, so when a flood comes through this helps out Bangladesh very much.

A flood occured in 2011,in Thailand a tropical storm came through and starting flooding to the North along the riversides. All flooding lasted till about mid-January 2012 and effected over 13.6 million people. Effecting the 13.6 million people, almost all lost their homes,jobs and also lost some family members. An interesting fact,but a not a very good thing,is that the average for flood deaths is 127.

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