Cultural Video Series

Storytelling, songs, and tribal culture

This week's cultural video

Indian Education is continuing to share a series of short cultural videos for our students and families. This week, Matt Reed, a Pawnee citizen, will continue to speak about traditional Pawnee dwellings and clothing.

About Matt Reed, Pawnee

Matt Reed is the Historic Preservation Officer for the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. He is a member of the Chaui Band of the Pawnee and Vice-Chair of the Museum of the Pawnee Nation. His concentration of study is American Indian history, Museum studies, American history, and military history.

He worked as the Curator of American Indians & Military History Collections at the Oklahoma Museum of History. He has work that also includes living history presentations, curator of firearms, publications, digital publications, reviews, and workshop presentations.

As you are watching this video, answer the following questions:

  1. Name one way the Earthlodges reflects the Pawnee origin/creation story.
  2. Why is it difficult for Pawnees to make Earthlodges after being moved to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)?

Pawnee Earthlodge History and Culture - Part III

As you are watching this video, answer the following questions:

  1. What was the young man’s job during a raid or battle?
  2. Why did Pawnees use the center tail feather of an eagle for their regalia?
  3. What article of clothing do other tribes identify with the Pawnee?

Pawnee Clothing and Culture - Part IV

Optional Extension Activity - Pawnee Earthlodge

Dwelling is another word for a family's home. Each tribe has a different type of traditional dwelling. Dwellings are unique and are dependent on the land, culture, and lifestyle of the tribe.


1. One piece of blank white paper or a printer to print the earthlodge.

2. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers


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If you missed last weeks Pawnee Cultural Video Series, click the link here: