10 Internet Safety Tips

By: Madison Cockerill

  1. Be CAUTIOUS when developing Websites!
  2. Never give out PERSONAL information on the Internet!
  3. ALWAYS inform your parents if you are unsure or something makes you uncomfortable!
  4. NEVER, under any circumstances agree to me face-to-face with someone!
  5. Be suspicious of anyone you meet in a chat room.
  6. Choose a gender neutral online name in a chat room to avoid harassment!
  7. NEVER give out your passwords to anyone EXCEPT your parent or trusted guardian!
  8. Only add people as friends to your site if you know them real life!
  9. If you wouldn't say something to your GRANDMOTHER DON'T say it online!
  10. Use the PRIVACY setting of the social networking sites!
Below is included a link to more Internet Safety! BE SAFE!!
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