2nd Grade News

September 16-20

What's Going on in 2nd Grade

It has been a busy few weeks! Monday is Dot Day! This is a day where students will be doing different activities with dots. I encourage the students to wear dots in celebration of Dot Day.

What We are Learning this Week


We will continue to study place value. We will be practicing representing numbers in four different forms.... standard form, base ten blocks form, expanded form and word form. We will use a hands on approach so that students will have the full understanding of place value and number sense. We also will be implementing new math stations this week! We will have four different math stations that students will rotate throughout the week. They include math by myself, math with a partner, math on the computer and writing about math. As we get more in-depth with our math stations, I will explain them in more detail.


We are continuing our unit on insects! We should be getting our creepy crawly friends this week, fingers crossed.

Language Arts

We will be focusing on main characters, story structure, realistic fiction, and subjects/predicates in sentences. Our next writing prompt will be an observational reflective narrative on teddy bears. Please remember to read with your child every night!

Social Studies

We will continue our learning on the importance of local history and government. We will work together in groups to complete two mind missions!

Students that Stand Out


For now their homework is to read 20 minutes a night, but as we go deeper into the curriculum, their homework will evolve. Monday, I am passing out reading logs to place in their folders. Be sure to sign it once the page has been filled!