Stoklosa Return to School Planning

April 2021

Dear Students, Families, Staff, and Community Partners,

As we prepare for the expansion of in-person learning at the Stoklosa, I want to highlight a few things needed and action steps that will/have been taken to ensure a smooth transition while following all safety protocols. Also, an ongoing professional development plan is in place to assist our staff with instruction on concurrent teaching that will transpire prior to April.

We have purchased equipment and are providing professional development for all teaching staff to prepare for concurrent teaching, so that a teacher can be instructing both in-person and remote learners at the same time. The IT Department has been hard at work making sure our infrastructure is capable of supporting live streaming on multiple devices from our classrooms.

We have the following safety protocols in place:

-Mandate on masks

-Social distancing measures

-Sanitizing stations

-Air Purifiers

-Pool Testing

-Contact Tracing

-Limited Transitions to Decrease Exposure

-Daily Cleaning of Spaces Including Fogging

The following are the revised target dates for returning the rest of our students to full-time in-person instruction:

  • Monday, April 5 - students in grade 5

  • Monday, April 26 - students in grades 6-8

Please fill out this brief survey if you would like to sign-up for in-person learning:

Also, we will be hosting an expansion of in-person learning on March 25 at 5:00 p.m.

for the Stoklosa Middle School. At this meeting you will get specifics on protocols and scheduling for April's return. Here is the link:

Please call the school if you have any questions.


Mr. Cardaci