Merry Christmas

from the Crimingers!

What a year!

Our biggest change this year was adding Samuel Mathias Criminger to our family in April. Learning how to be parents has been tiring, difficult, but mostly joyful. Watching him grow and change is incredible, words cannot describe how amazing being a parent is!

Work and Play

Blake is still working at Apple, fixing phones, iPads and he recently had training to work on Macs. In his free time he enjoys playing Magic with friends and watching the Dallas Cowboys play football.

Brandi is still teaching second grade at Arthur Elementary. She is rapidly expanding her technology skills, as the school received the ConnectEd grant, giving all teachers and students iPads. In her (small amount) of free time she enjoys learning to sew and reading (although, it is mostly audiobooks on the way to work, these days).

Samuel is sitting up and loves his baby food. He says dad, yum, and mom (but only when he's really mad). He scoots across the floor, but isn't crawling yet. He loves his dog, Lucy and his friend, Maddy at daycare. He puts everything in his mouth. He has two teeth (on the bottom) and gives sloppy, wet kisses.

Other Highlights this Year

We traveled to Illinois for Malinda and Adam's wedding, it was beautiful!

Amanda came to live with us for awhile before heading to Texas for school.

We went to Texas to see Paul and Tonya's new house!