Teen Guide to Smart Dating

by:Avery Bjorklund, Luke Jancoski, and Ian Richardson

Refusal Skills and Pressure Lines

Girl: Want to come over?

Boy: Are your parents home?

Girl: No..

Boy: What will we do?

Girl: Watch a movie thats rated R.

Boy: I think I am busy tonight.

Girl: Come on! Lets Snuggle!

Boy: I have to go out to eat with my family.

Girl: We can have sex also!

Boy: We are to young I am sorry but I cannot go.

Avoiding Unplanned Sexual Activity

  • Being at a party
  • Going to someones house when parents are away
  • Watching an inappropriate rated R movie with someone when parents aren't with you.

Setting Boundries

It is important to set up sexual boundaries within a relationship so that things don't go too far. it is important for a relationship to NOT go too far because if a relationship goes too far somebody could get an STD,which is bad. If a relationship goes too far somebody would feel regret.


We took a health class in school, Project for teens came to class and did a presentation about healthy dating and scenarios.

Benefits of abstinence

*Physical : moving often, more time for other activities, no STDs

*Mental: more time for self-growth, good self-esteem, focus on what's important versus seeking constant pleasure

*Social: able to have time for friends, not being secluded from activities, keep good reputation

Healthy expressions of affection

Hanging out often

Good communication

Talk on phone


Holding hands

Reporting sexual harassment

To report sexual harassment you should call

Ph: (507)-304-4800

Fx: (507)-304-4818

The address is 401 Carver Rd.

P.O. Box 228

Mankato Minnesota


characteristics of a healthy relationship

Positive: family events together, more time with family, socializing more with the couples or people you are with, doing enjoyable things together like movies, walks, eating.

Negative: pressuring each other to have sex, arguing often, staying away from family

Consequences of early sexual activity

Physical: causing pregnancy, STDs, HIV

Mental: self-loathing, regret, low self-esteem

Social: people wanting to date you for the wrong reasons, ruin reputation, lose friends

Romantic advice column

Our advice to teens in relationships is to set sexual boundaries. Find someone who really cares about you and spend time with them. Make sure to listen to your partner and communicate well. Find someone with similar interests.
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