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For People You Know Who Currently Have a Mortgage:

Strategic Refinance Tacking™, A Free Service, Could Help You Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars…Now or Someday Soon

If you had a $100,000 mortgage and you dropped the interest rate just 1%, you could save as much as $77,552 over the life of a 30 year loan, and you could drop as many as 8 years from the term of your loan.

Your lender is probably not going to call to alert you to this fact.

To further complicate matters, today’s interest rate market often moves quickly. By the time one discovers an opportunity exists, frequently it’s already disappeared.

That’s where Strategic Refinance Tracking comes in. By taking just a few moments to register, you can enjoy Free Refinance Tracking…For Life! We enter information into a special computer program, which we have designed to constantly track the interest rate market for you. When the interest rates hit a level where you should consider a refinance, we contact you immediately.

That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t matter how high or low your rate is now. You never have to worry about potentially missing out on thousands of dollars of savings ever again!

In addition to its value, there are three excellent features of this service:

  1. This service is free of any cost or obligation to you. We at Meridian Bank/The Paul Berkobin Team do provide mortgages and would be happy to handle a refinance for you, but we promise to track the market for you for free for life whether you use our services or not.
  2. We promise to always advise you as to whether a refinance makes sense given your future plans. We are not salespeople, we are consultants and you can count on straight, detailed, and strategic insights from us at all times. We offer this benefit because our entire business is By Referral and our mission is to bring personal service back to the banking industry.
  3. Your information is 100% confidential. We never spam or sell client information.

Your chances of putting thousands in your pocket safely and intelligently now or someday soon are excellent by completing this form today. Return this form now and we’ll get your Strategic Refinance Tracking started immediately

PS If you ever wish to not receive our info, a gentle reply requesting removal from this service will do so immediately. Most folks find this service of extremely high value and well worth their time!

PPS This service is called Elk Spring Education