The Hollywood Sign

By: Riley Robinson

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The Hollywood Sign

People may not know that the sign was used to commit a suicide. Nowadays, the Hollywood Sign represents the Hollywood life but it didn't start out that way. The sign has lots of background. Also, it has some interesting history. Many unfortunate things have happened to the sign. Many even think it's haunted.

The Hollywood Sign was originally an expensive billboard. It was a real estate advertisement. A "Los Angeles Times" publisher was building a housing development named Hollywoodland. So it wasn't made with the movies in mind, contrary to belief.

The Hollywood Sign has a very interesting history. The original sign was rebuilt in 1923. In 1949, the sign was repaired and "land" was removed.In 1973, another makeover to the sign, the sign was declared an official historical monument. In 1948, the sign was lit to celebrate the summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The sign was completely demolished for more than 50 years.

Some say the sign is haunted. Peg Entwhistle took her life by jumping off the “H”. A hiker found her; her purse, coat and a suicide note were neatly laid at the base of the maintenance ladder to the “H”. To keep anonymous, the hiker left her stuff along with a letter of his own with directions to the body at the stairs to the police station. Many park rangers and hikers have reported seeing a blonde women with “old fashioned” clothing, but when they get close she disappears. A couple were walking their dog through Beachwood Canyon, when their dog started acting weird. Instead of running ahead and playing in the brush, he hid behind them and was yelping

Many unfortunate things have happened to the sign. One night the caretaker of the sign drove into the sign while drunk. Also, some vigilantes used fabric to change the sign to say “HOLLYWeeD”. Then a forest fire that started near Warner Bros Studios almost reached the sign.

The Hollywood Sign is often associated with the Hollywood life but it wasn't made to be that way. It has a lot of background. Also, it has some interesting history. Many unfortunate things have happened to the sign. Some even think its haunted.

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