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Hello Team.

July was such a busy month. Now that things have settled down for our family, I will be having a few more classes this month. I know several people have asked about hosting a class of their own. If you would like to have a class and share oils with friends and family please let me know. I'd love to teach it for you.


The Business Side of DoTerra

I am so happy to have helped so many people learn more about and start incorporating oils into their daily lives. If you are interested in sharing oils and would like to know more about how DoTerra can help you while you help others, please let me know.

As my team grows I am looking to help leaders grow their business. They extended the July promotion (until August 15th) for 50 FREE PRODUCT credits for enrollment orders of at least 100PV!! It is credited to their account within 48-72 hours to use! This is a great time to get started!

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New Shipping Rewards Program

When you order online and have an LRP order set up you get a 100% shipping credit

Nina Bogue

Wellness Advocate 766200

I'm grateful to have you all join me on this journey, whether you are just using doTERRA with your family, sharing with others or starting the business, I'm glad you are here.

If there is any way I can help, I'm happy to do so!