Hurricane Andrew

by Hunter Diaz

What is a hurricane

A hurricane is a tube of air that goes around and around. They scare people and people die from them.

The strength of

The strength of a hurricane is ten times wares then a normal storm. A hurricane starts as a small storm and gets bigger and bigger by the minute. They'er deadly but can't control when their going to happen. The storm is a bad one but people are not happy when they hit.

Famous Hurricane

The famous hurricane is Andrew. It hit in 1992 .It was a category 5 hurricane.It hit in Asia, Florida as a category 4 hurricane, it left a big cloud of dust. It cost the government a lot of money like $2.6 bill in new homes and other stuff.

The naming

The category and naming is a lot harder then it seems. The name is a boy or a woman in each month? There are 2 boys and 2 women in each month. The category's are 1-5 the category go from 1-5 category 1 is 65-95 category 2 is 95-111 category 3 is 111-133 category 4 is 133-145 category 5 is 145-155. The hurricane is in alphabetic order
Hurricanes can happen at any time but we don't suspect them or when they'er going to happen or how much damage they'er is or the money is to cost.