blizzards by JAMES G.M.H

by,james G.M.H

Bizzards happen a lot in canada.

To prepare for a blizzard you should stay inside and bring a battery operated radio.

Even know that blizzards are snow its still dangerous so dont play in the snow so dont think that its ok.

Blizzards are made out of frozen rainstorms.

To have a blizzard the tempiture has to be lower than 32 farenhite.

Do not eat snow from blizzards because it lowers the body tempiture.

If you are ever caught in a car in a blizzard stay in the car.

Blizzards are some of the most dangerous storms.

Horses point there ears towards the storm rainstorm or blizzard.

If you are located in a area where blizzards happen 1 or more a year you should have a extra food and water supply.


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