World Geography Final Review

By: Bailey Brenek


Subsistence farming- self-sufficiency farming where farmers focus more on growing enough food to feed their families/themselves

Commercial farming- crops are grown/animals are reared for sale in market for commercial purposes

Urbanization- refers to concentration of human pop. into discrete areas; leading to transformation of land for residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation purposes

Globalization- process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and gov. of different nations; process driven by international trade/investment and aided by information technology.


Primary activities: agricultural, mining, fishing (don't require much skill to do)

Secondary activities: manufacturing, processing/manufacturing (factories, etc.)

Tertiary activities: services, (doctors., lawyers, etc.), (business and professional services)

Quaternary activities: services (researchers, not as recognized jobs), (information and intellectual services)


From the maps below, South America is divided along the lines of colonization placed down-- also they gained independence between 1790 and 1828.

-Cold War has created a lot of tiny countries that aren't as well off as other parts of Europe

-UN was created to help handle global crises

-The geographic circumstance that has hampered Russia's success in foreign policy by being spread across 2 continents.

-Breakup of Soviet Union was a major change going on in Europe during 1989 democratic elections in Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine

-After formation of EU, there was a pop. shift in Europe because people were free to move around and the EU was safer/more stable.

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