E-Books are Here to Stay(so they say)! Check out these FREE Resources!

  • - Free resource with thousands of e-books that students can access at school and at home! *It's an incredible resource, but a little tricky to set up - click here for a blog from a teacher who gives step by step instructions for creating account & accessing books, as well as tips for selecting engaging books.

  • STL County Library

  • Zing We looked at this source earlier this year - can create a library for students and students can access any time with a provided code, available tools include an interactive dictionary and note taking!

Best Practices in Assessment and Instruction - Cool Tools

  • Formative, an awesome tool for exit tickets, formative assessments, etc. Here is a video comparing it to Kahoot, and here’s an instructional video that shows you how to set up an assessment (refer to email from last week if you want to use a mock student log-in to check it out!)
  • Free Tools:
  1. iCivics - everything you need to make "civics" fun!
  2. PowerMyLearning Connect. - allows you to create a "dashboard" of games,activities, tools, that students can access at any time with a provided code!
  3. - strategies, tools, text to support beginning and struggling readers...user friendly, easy downloads, FREE, resource!