Are video games violent????

can video games cause youth violence??????

can games cause youth violence??????????

pros:Video games are relaxing, it helps boys get their anger out, violent crime counts went down as vieo game prices went up.cons:Schools blaming video games for increased bullying, school shootings, and violence towards women????? Suspiciuosly angry and agressive feelings out of people that play violent video games as they reward players for simulating violence. 60% of middle school boys that play violent videogames have beaten up someone beside 38% of boys who dont. Some video games that caused contreversys are Death Race, Mortal Kombat, and Night Trap. Death race caused a contreversy because it has you having to run over gremlins with your car and the gremlins look like stick figure people. On September 1, 1994 video games got their rating system of early childhood, everyone, everyone 10+, teen, mature, or adults only. The shooters at Columbine high school were players of weapon based combat games like Wolfstein 3D and Doom. The shooter at the Virginia Tech shooting was thought of as a person who played a violent game of Counter-Strike when later learned he didnt play video games at all.


This concludes that sometimes video games can sometimes cause violence but not all the time. It shows that sometimes being lonely can cause violence too. By: Mark Ramos.