Chinese Culture


Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a calendar in china called the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Its based on the cycles of the moon. There are 12 zodiacs because the moon repeats its cycle every 12 years. There are 12 different animal for each year!

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year of the dragon

The year of the dragon is the highlight of Chinese festivity. The dragon represents wisdom, power and wealth and a very important aspect of Chinese culture! The years of the dragon are 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024! After every year of the dragon

The lantern festival

the lantern festival is a very cool event! Chinese people celebrate the lantern festival for the first 15 days of a new year! And It marks the final day of Chinese new year celebrations! If you did not know the lantern festival is where the Chinese light candles in a lantern and let it float in the sky

Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)

The TCM is believe that the body will fight of illness! Did you know that TCM goes back about 2000 years?

Chi (Qi)

Chi is life energy or spiritial energy that is a part of everything that exists

Yin yang

Yin yang is two different elements like

yin: the moon

yang: the sun

an imbalence of yin yang ratio (comparition of two numbers)


table tenis

is a popular amateur sport in china

badminton is also a popular amateur sport


1. If someone hits another person with a broom the hitter will get bad luck!!!!

2. If someone has a beard or a moustache (ect.) they will have bad luck if it is not well shaven!!!!!

3. If a dog howls for a couple hours it means someone has died!!!!!:(

The Railroad!!!!!!!

Canada needed a railroad that would stretch one side of the railroad to the other so they hired Chinese to work 1.00 a day! they still had to pay for camping spots so all of the money (1.00 a day) went to they're camping spot so they wear really getting payed to live in a tent for a while!!!! The Chinese men always had the most painful jobs like: Clearing the railroad bed and blasting through rock that killed a lot of people! But there wasn't any medical care so the Chinese men depended on herbal cures to help them!!!!!