Kilgore Primary School

May Counselor Newsletter

May Core Essential- Perseverance

Take a deep breath. We’re almost to the end of the year! You’ve made it through all of the permission-slip-signing, carpool-driving, homework-helping, and concert-listening until the fall, thanks to a lot of… PERSEVERANCE!


Refusing to give up when life gets hard.



• Have you ever had a hard time with learning a concept at school? What did you do in order to accomplish your goal and learn?

• Can you think of a time when you have given up on something? Examples might be giving up on a hard math problem or giving up in PE when trying to do pull ups. How did it feel when you gave up? Now think of a time when you powered through and accomplished a goal even when it was hard. Contrast the two feelings.


• What are examples of things in your life that have been hard as an adult? What about when you were a child?

• What are some things that you have done that have helped you persevere?

• Are there people in your life that you go to for help when life gets too ugh?


Sit down together as a family and watch the trailer for the movie The Pursuit of Happyness The movie depicts a father and son who run up on some very difficult times but persevere to reach their dreams. There are times when their very safety and well-being are compromised, but they refuse to give up and eventually become very successful.


A physical test of perseverance might be the ticket this month. Challenge your family to take on a physical endeavor in the near future such as a local Relay for Life walk or 5k run. Prior to the challenge, discuss as a family ways that you can persevere even when the going gets tough. That might be refusing to walk or refusing to quit even. Set goals together and register for a fun way to challenge and persevere.

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