La bibliothèque

les nouvelles - février 2014

La bibliothèque has received several boxes of new French books in addition to some new English novels. Here are some of the new titles - stop by la bibliothèque to get a better look!

Des projets

Since the winter break, I have been working with Mme Godin and Lisa/Jenny's classes on research projects. Students have been very busy in the computer lab and the library as students complete their research using both print and digital resources.

In process - Les provinces et territoires du Canada

Mme Godin's Grade 4/5 class has been busy learning about the provinces and territories of Canada. Each student has studied a particular province or territory which will be used in the creation of a poster documenting the particulars about that province/territory. Together, the class will also create a big map of Canada so students can view the country as a whole.

In process - Inquiry project

Jenny's Grade 5/6 class began an inquiry project after reading the novel Hiroshima by Laurence Yep. Students then chose a topic of interest that they investigated further. Upon learning more, students solidified an inquiry question which they continue to research. Students are researching topics that range from nuclear warfare, the rebuilding of Hiroshima, Bikini Atoll and even the bubonic plague. Students are nearing the end of their research and will be presenting their learning to the rest of the class in the near future. These Grade 5 and 6 students have also learned the important skill of how to properly cite resources used in their research using an online citation generator.

In process - Student websites: Les pays

The students in Lisa's Grade 5/6 class are creating websites involving the study of a country. Each student has chosen a country on which to research information about the geography, government and culture. Students will then have the opportunity to compare the countries to Canada. Using a website to share their information is a new experience that most students are thoroughly enjoying.

La bibliothèque

The library is open Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday. Students are welcome to drop by the library before school on any of these days and during the afternoon recess on Tuesday and Thursday. Siblings and parents are also welcome to take books out of the Ecole Cobble Hill library on these days.

Library days for book exchanges are as follows:

Tuesday - Erin, Eric, Sarah, Valerie, Jocelyne, Andrea, Camilla

Wednesday - Karen

Thursday - Jenny, Suzanne, Jessie, Vicki, Violet

Please ensure that your child returns his/her library books in a bag each week. Library bags help to protect our library books, ensuring that they will be available for student use for a long time. Students who not return their library books will not be permitted to take out new books.

Parent helpers are always welcome in the library. Please ensure that you sign in at the office and see me for a tour of the space and some ideas on what needs to be done.


Joanne McLarty