Anti-Bullying Day!


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Anti-Bullying Day

Friday, Nov. 6th, 10pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

All activities and etc will be held in the Cafeteria and Gym!


Guest Speaker!

The guest speaker at this event will be the poet/musician/Canadian Shane Koyczan. He will give a speech about bullying

Sign building/Slogan making Contest!

People who attend the event will be able to participate in a contest where groups of 5 will work together to create a sign and a slogan which best represents the idea of "anti-bullying"

Wear bright colours!

At this event people should be asked to wear bright colours such as red, pink, orange etc. To show support

Banner design!

Everyone who comes to the event will be asked to sign their name and write something appropriate on a huge banner, after that the banner will be put in front of the front doors in the school.

Free wristbands!

Free wristbands will be handed out to everyone, each one will say "stop bullying"


After all that, there will be a parade going around the whole block. Everyone will hold up their signs where were made and the banner will be held up.

Anti-Bullying Dance

To end off the day everyone will go back to the school and head to the gym where there will be a huge dance for everyone. There will be a DJ and there will be free food


Our goal with this event is to raise more awareness about the seriousness about bullying, everyone should have the idea of how harmful bullying is implanted in their head. This event should remind people that bullying should be stopped, and if someone is ever bullied you should stand up for them or tell a teacher!