by Madison


Russia is located in two continents Europe,Asia. Russia has a lot of active volcanoes, big marshes, mountains and 100,000 rivers .Russia is the largest country in the world.


Climate is weather a place has. The climate for Russia is below zero. The seasons in Russia are spring ,if you want to say spring in there language its becha. Summer is stetoi. Fall is ocehb. Winter is enma. That is their seasons in their language and our language.


Traditions are something that gets passed down. The language that they speak is Russian and over 1,000 more. The food they eat in Russia are pancakes, fish and mushrooms. Lots of people in Russia do ballet. Ballet is important to people.

Natural resources

Natural resources are useful materials found in nature. In Russia they have oil, gold, coal, aluminum, and iron. They go into volcanoes for gold and coal. An animal in Russia is the Siberian tiger. Siberian tigers are only found in Russia.

Interesting facts

Do you know Russia is the coldest country in the world. Russia has 100,000 rivers. Russia is the biggest country in the world even if it dos not look like on some maps.But some maps make it looks like it is the largest in the world.Russia is a very,very interesting. Russia's flag is red, white, and blue like the U.S.A.