College Requirements Project

By Allan Perrault

Oregon institute of technology

OIT (Oregon Institute of Technology) has two locations one of which is in Klamath falls and one is in Willsonville. OIT mainly focuses on technology (as the name implies) like engineering, robotics, computer science, etc. OIt is very into hands on learning and allow students to work with the knowledge they gain. the student staff ratio is good at approximately 20:1 twenty students to one teacher. On average it costs about $4823.20 Per term.

University of Advancing Technology

UAT (University of Advancing Technology) can be found in Phoenix Arizona. UAT focuses very tightly on the study of robotics and advanced engineering and advancing the worlds technology. class sizes are relatively small due to the requirements to get into the school so the student to teacher ratio is 13:1 making the classes small and allowing for a lot of one on one help. Cost to attend this school is approximately $4000-5000.

DeVry University Online

DeVry University has many classes available online allowing students to go to school from home and allow parents to return to school. being an online class sometimes it can be hard to get help but you can always look up help or just email someone at the school for help. to take online classes from DeVry University you have to pay between 2000-3000$ Per year.