Its a territory not a country.

Fast Facts

  • Official Name- Territory of Guam
  • Capital- Hagtina
  • Population- 159,358 people as of 2010
  • Official Language and other language spoken- English, Chamorro
  • Religion- Roman Cathlic


  • Head of Government- Eddie Calvo
  • Lawmaking Government- Judicial Branch
  • National Symbols- Puti Tai Nobiu
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  • Tourist Hot Spots- Alupang Beach Club, Atlantis Guam Inc., Coco Palm Garden Beach
  • Total Area- 212 square miles
  • Climate- Dry season January to June, Wet season July to December
  • Highest and Lowest Points- Highest point is Mt. Lamlam at 1,334 ft. above sea level, Lowest point is Challenge Deep at 35,797 ft. below sea level at the lowest surveyed point.
  • Major Bodies of Water- The Pacific Ocean
  • Significant Land forms- Mt. Lamlam


  • Currency- US dollar
  • Major natural resources- Coconuts, Sweet Potatoes, Sugar Cane, Bananas, Lemons, Fish
  • Exports- Petroleum products, Construction materials, Fish, Food and Beverage Products
  • Imports- Petroleum, Food, Manufactured Goods


  • Popular Foods- Chorizo Breakfast Bowl, The Jamaican Grill, Banana Limpia
  • Major Holidays- Guam Discovery Day, March 2nd, Liberation Day, July 21st, All Soul's Day, November 2nd, Lady of Camarin Day, December 8th
  • Festivals- Micronesia Island Fair, Japan Autumn Festival
  • Popular Pastimes- Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Rugby, and Futsal
  • Famous People-Ann Curry, Pia Mia, Q. Allan Brocka

Article 1

  • Title of Article- Guam Star Duo to Play Professional Basketball in New Zealand.
  • Author of the Article- N/A
  • Date Article was Published- 12/18/2015
  • Source of Article-
  • Fact One- Joe Blas, and William Stinnett sign to play professional basketball in New Zealand for the Hawke's Bay Hawks.
  • Fact Two- The pair won the 2015 Pacific Basketball Tournament.
  • Fact Three- They will be moving to New Zealand in late January or early February.
  • General Summary- The players were signed after their third placing at the Australian 3x3 Nationals. Joe and William are happy they have a place to relax and just focus on Basketball. The Hawks first game in against the Wellington Saints on March 13th, 2016.
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Article 2

  • Title of Article- Shriners Give a Boy a Boy a New LIfe.
  • Author of the Article- Jerick Sablan
  • Date Article was Published- 12/120/2015
  • Source of Article- Pacific Daily News
  • General Summary- Last Year Jacob and his family flew to Hawaii for surgery to have his Achilles Tendon lengthened, and Botox injections for his hamstrings. Within a few days he was walking without his walker and running through the hospital.
  • Fact One- Jacob Mendiola ,5, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with left hemiplegia, with other things, says his dad, Marvin Blas.
  • Fact Two- Hemiplegia is a diseases that can be contracted in children, that can cause partial paralysis.
  • Fact Three- Thanks to the Shriners Jacob was able to help the Guam Raiders the an undefeated season in the Guam National Youth Football League.
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Article 3

  • Title of Article- Obama Signs ESEA Reauthorization, More Money for Schools.
  • Author of the Article- Matt Kaye
  • Date Article was Published- 12/17/2015
  • Source of Article- Pacific New Center
  • Fact One- New bill to increase funding for Guam schools, which would reduce student-teacher ratios.
  • Fact Two- The bill gives them 16 million dollars.
  • Fact Three- The bill takes effect in 2017.
  • General Summary- The new bill is called the Every Student Succeeds Act. It replaces the No Child Left Behind, which as put in the place in 2001. The bill increases funding by 25% for territory Title 1 education. Bureau of Indian Education Education schools would separate from Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
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