Evaluating Websites

Learn how to find GOOD/TRUTHFUL resources

Evaluating Websites


EVALUATING WEBSITE Learn what that acronym stands for.
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Lean how to evaluate websites

Website evaluation process-

  • Read the instructions.
  • click on number one to begin.


Fill out the form over the unicef website.

Make sure to answer each question completely.


click on the ORANGE "EXPLORE" button.

This will open the website and give you a box to take notes.

*Screenshot notes if needed

When ALL answer are filled in.

click next.


Make sure to put your NAME:

First & Last

Finished Results

Turn in your results to GClassroom. - Screenshot or link.

GClassroom & Website

  • Pick a website from the list below and open it in a new tab-
  • Go to GClassroom
  • Under Assignments click the link for Website Evaluation
  • Download the form and save to your DESKTOP
  • Use this form to complete the assignment
  • When finished UPLOAD the file (pdf) and tun in on GClassroom.

  • Click "website evaluation form" when new tab opens-download form.
  • ******Hover over top to get toolbar-down arrow/down load. Make sure to name the file and change "where" to desktop. Print if needed.*********

Choose ONE of the websites below